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Taps Ayu Health Care is recognized Ayurvedic organization which aims to help the people to achieve sustainable wellbeing in today’s exacting world by Providing Best Professional and quality Treatment, Services in Ayurveda. Taps Ayu Health Care is all set to help you achieve wellbeing buying herbal medicine online easily. We are aspiring the world to acknowledge the core value of Ayurveda and how it can help to rejuvenate the human by spreading wellbeing.

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Our Vision

Having 17 % of Indian population are suffering from Kidney diseases & 60 million with diabetes, we aims to minimize or eliminate such chronic and lifestyle diseases by giving the humane wellbeing and reaching to maximum of human kind throughout the globe. As one of the best ayurvedic medicine company, we aim to achieve this lofty ideal through enhanced online efforts. To further, we likes to disseminate our knowledge and practices through ongoing research and development in the field of Ayurveda and mark our reach to the whole human kind. We take pride to lead ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in india.

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Renalayu Powder

Renalayu powder is a perfect combination of herbo-mineral regime. It is based on scientific concept for all kinds of urinary problems. It is improve overall therapeutic activity with safety in urinary disorders. Our ayurvedic and herbal products improve kidney efficiency in removing toxic waste from the body. Renalayu powder is an experimented, documented and clinically proven. It is very useful in severe chronic diseases of kidney.

900/- per packing

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