Ayurvedic Treatment for Nephritis

Ayurvedic Treatment For Nephritis – Results Guaranteed

Nephritis or kidneys inflammation can have big impact on the overall functioning of the urinary system in human body. The problem needs urgent medical attention and treatment as it will restrict passage of urine. Many people suffering from this disorder often take recourse to allopath which may have some adverse effects. A better idea is to opt for ayurvedic nephritis treatment where results are guaranteed and that too without any side-effects. TapsAyu HealthCare specializes in treating kidney ailments with utmost precision so that people can lead a safe healthy life.

Medicne That Tapsayu Health Care Uses For Diabitic Nephritis Treatment

  • Kidneys are composed of a million filtering units called that in turn are comprosed of nephrons glomerulli and tubules or interstitial tissues. Improper functioning of glomerulli, resulting from bacterial infections, can cause problems with filtration within kidney leading to a medical condition known as nephritis.
  • Glomerulli facilitate passing of fluid and other waste products in human body while restricting passage of larger blood cells and molecules. Filtered fluid then passes through tubules where essential minerals are sent back to bloodstream after removal of wastes
  • In nephritis, not all glomerulli will get damaged and so; kidneys continue to function although patient might face problems with urination.
  • TapsAyu HealthCare’s Aayuneph Pack is a clinically proven remedy for curing nephritis completely. After analyzing early indications about nephritis, doctors at the clinic administer the medicine to patients. Thousands of people have benefited with our treatment procedure till date. People from all over India come for variety of Ayurvedic treatments and return home fully satisfied.
  • Aayuneph Pack gives guaranteed results as it has the capacity to control functioning of the entire kidneys as well as the vital parameters involved therein.

3 Major Benefits Of Aayuneph Pack – A Diabitic Nephritis Medicine

  • Controls blood glucose = Aayuneph Pack is used for treatment for diabitic nephritis as it has the ingredients that can control sugar levels in the blood. Its long term usage can help patients to reduce dependency on insulin.
  • Prevents Metabolic acidosis – Alkaline contents in Aayuneph Pack regulate acid secretion and maintain desired PH value in human body thereby preventing metabolic acidosis.
  • Reduces intraglomerular hyper tension & Proteinuria – Aaayuneph Pack works as Ace inhibitor and is thus, instrumental in reducing intraglomerular filtration pressure or hyper tension and proteinuria.

Symptoms Of Acute Nephritis

  • Pain in the Pelvis
  • Burning sensation while passing out urine
  • Feel the need to urinate frequently
  • Cloudy urine
  • Presence of blood/puss in urine
  • Pain in the abdomen/kidney area
  • Swelling on the face, legs and feet
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • High blood pressure

What Kind Of Complications Might Result Due To Nephritis?

  • Nephritis can cause pain in the side, belly and back region of human body.
  • Nephritis can lead to nephritic syndrome that are characterized by group of clinical manifestations like swelling, proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, hyperkalemia and gastrointestinal disorders which in turn can cause vomiting, nausea as well as excruciating abdominal pain.
  • Protein and red blood cells counts are determined by examination of urine samples under microscope. If left untreated, nephritis can retard functioning of kidneys drastically and condition of kidney tissues will further deteriorate. This can lead to high blood pressure and in the worst case; patient might die due to heart or kidney failure.

Diagnosing Nephritis - How Does A Doctor Diagnose Nephritis?

  • Once a patient shows signs of nephritis, doctor prescribes couple of lab tests which are aimed at finding out the exact reason for which kidneys have swollen. Blood and urine examination results let the doctor know whether there is some infection or protein content in kidneys. Blood test gives a fair idea regarding the amount of urea and creatinine that is present in the blood.
  • Doctor will also conduct physical examination of patient for ascertaining if there is any inflammation in the kidneys. Besides, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI scans help doctor to know whether kidneys are swollen and their size. Depending on outcome of these tests, doctor is able to estimate blood in-flows and blockages in kidneys. In the absence of any conclusive evidence, doctor may even recommend biopsy for knowing what is the causing the kidneys to swell.

Secure Nephritis Treatment Ayurvedic To Live Healthy Life

Nephritis can be classified into two major types – acute and chronic. Besides, there are some other classifications are as under:

  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Lupus nephirtis
  • Pylonephritis
  • Interstitial nephritis

Learn How To Prevent Nephritis – Some Important Guidelines

  • Keep watch on blood sugar levels if you are diabetic.
  • Make sure that your blood pressure is always in control.
  • See a doctor if you are having kidney stones to get them removed.
  • Reduce dependency on painkillers like acetaminophen, naproxen or ibuprofen which can have adverse effects on kidneys.
  • If there is a history of kidney problems in your family, make sure that you go for regular check-ups so that the disease can be prevented.
  • Consult doctor urgently if there are signs of kidney damage.

Know How Tapsayu Healthcare Can Help You To Be Nephrtis Free

  • TapsAyu Healthcare is known for providing quality Ayurvedic treatment of nephritis that guarantees results. Doctors here, follow scientific approach for treating all kinds of urinary problems with Ayurvedic therapy that is safe and result oriented.
  • Ayuneph Pack is a perfect combination of herbs and minerals that can heal kidneys as well as cures urinary problems. It helps in removing toxic waste from body by ensuring improvement in overall kidney functioning.