Taps Ayu Health Care is research base herbal medicine manufacture com­pany. It is synonym of quality, purity and transparency. As it is concerned with Ayurveda company has its own ethos, without deviating from traditional values of ayurveda. Our remedies are our effort to change ancient ayurveda medicines into “Modern standardized ayurveda”.

Our formulation has super quality control not only at row material stage but at all levels and for all times. From start to finish all the medicines are taken under observation by Vaidya Tapan Bhavsar. We have founded all the formulation by Late Vaidya Kantibhai Patel’s extract experience of 60 years, who was the pioneer of Ayurveda in Charotar area. So it is needless to say our ethical formulations would be a “Medicinal boon” to everybody dealing with ayurveda.

Without trial and research who will keep a blind trust in product? So for that purpose we have good quality control research center named Taps Kayakalp ayurvedic center. And with that we are adding a great holiness of ayurveda in this Health care word by our safe, efficient and trusted formulations.